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How To Listen To Radio Siamsa

On Android Phones & Tablets

On Android devices, download the free Radio Siamsa Android App. It's rated 4.9 stars on Google Play, contains no ads and just plays our radio stream in either HiFi or Low Bandwidth Mode.

Click the button below to go to the Google Play Store App or search for Radio Siamsa on the Google Play Store.

Go To Google Play Store Download

On Apple Devices

For iPhone, we recommend adding one of the streams below to iTunes, as a Custom Radio Station. Here's how:

In iTunes, navigate to File -> Open Stream

Copy or type one of these urls into the url dialog box:

radio siamsa iphone mockup

On Amazon Alexa or Echo Devices

listen to radio siamsa on amazon alexa echo devices

Log into your Amazon account

Search in "Skills" for Radio Siamsa

Click on the Radio Siamsa "Skill"

Click "Enable Skill"

Say "Alexa, Open Radio Sheemsa"

If you run into any problems setting any of these up, just Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help you get setup.